So, here we are already in 2018 & 2017 feels like it’s far in the rear view mirror. We all have had great achievements in 2017 along with a few bumps in the road. But does that have to stop us from having an incredible 2018? NEVER, these bumps in the road are the lessons that we learn from and we move forward to fulfill our passion & have a Financially Free Life. We get to start with a clean slate in 2018 for what we are creating, how we are building our businesses & the best part is we can create any future we want for ourselves. For REAL, this is the time to get your business & financial intentions ready to be fulfilled over the next 12 months.

We focus on losing weight, organizing the house and there various commitments but rarely focus on money. The question is why do so many of us forget about the financial intention? Why is it so hard for many of us to keep the financial intention in the New Year? If it is a 6-figure income you are looking to make this year, why do we sell ourselves short? Or it may be the vacation you have dreamt about for the past 10 years that will become just that, a dream again in 2018. I’m here to tell you that this reality you have been living today, right now, needs to be IN THE PAST. Throughout the next 12 months you are going to get incredible actionable tools, resources & support to Transform Your Relationship with Money. Yup, I said it. You have a relationship with money that may not be serving you well right now and we are about to transform it!

Have you ever thought about when you were little and the money habits that you have been taught? If you are like me & most of my clients you’ve never thought about this. Well, I’m here to tell you it is real. You learned money habits from your parents, family members & not to mention you’ve also learned how to relate to money & the income limits you are “supposed” to be bringing in annually. Yes, it is true. Your Money Mindset may be doing you a disservice when it comes to your earning potential, business revenue, retirement, savings & debt.

Here’s where this gets good…today is the day we say good-bye to those money limiting beliefs and HELLO to a kick butt money making mindset. And, we are also saying good-bye to debt that isn’t contributing to our wealth, to the naysayers that don’t think we can make more money & telling ourselves that we are deserving of money in our lives so we can have Peace of Mind, Financial Stability & Financial Independence.

So how do we do this? Well, we start first with a Financial Mindset Journal. This is the exact moment my clients wonder where I am going with this. “Wait, I’m journaling about money?” Yes, having a financial mindset journal is the first step to having a stress-free relationship with money. So over the next few days get a journal and start jotting down words that pop into your mind when you hear the word Money, Wealth, Multiple 6 figures, One Million Dollars, New Car, Vacation, Vacation House, Taxes, Business Income, Income etc. Any words that have to do with money, paying bills, future savings, savings etc. start by writing in your Financial Mindset Journal all feelings that come up when you think about money. Any feeling that comes up and to give you a quick example of a client of mine, Jesse that started her Financial Mindset Journal. Here are just a few words that came to her mind:

Not Enough
Excited for increased income

You’ll notice that with Jesse, the emotions and thoughts are all over the map. And that is true for everyone and Jesse isn’t alone with this because money is a necessity in our lives that allow us to afford things we may want but also can get in the way of things we want to create. By having a healthy money mindset we can then start having the tools to build a more lucrative business, increase our prices to match our talents, have money working for us, have an incredible retirement plan & just have Financial Peace of Mind.

We have January to really focus on the financial goals we are ready to achieve in 2018 & know we can get there with the right support, the right people around us and the right plan. And I completely understand that all thing Money is my passion, career & I’ve been honing my skills for 20 years. So, much of what I am talking about now comes easy to me but there was a time in my life that debt, divorce, failure, scarcity & the dreaded “B” word were not my habits. They were very uncomfortable to face & I felt completely vulnerable because money wasn’t a topic that was freely spoken about and most of all amongst women. So it became my passion through every being of my soul to get the conversation opened up, to have a safe place for woman to share in the money conversation and be vulnerable while getting the tools they need to Transform their relationship with money.

Now, I’ve referred to the dreaded “B” word several times so it’s definitely worth a quick mention as you get excited about your 2018 Financial Goals! “B” stands for budgeting, yes I said it. Budgeting in both business and personal life is key to understanding money. Your focus on money on a monthly basis when income comes in and money flows out is key to understanding your relationship with money, spending habits, money flows & overall emotion with money. At this point you may even be saying to yourself, “I’m done with this. The last thing I want to do is spend an hour putting together a budget for 2018.” And I completely understand, but consider the fact that the very thoughts that are coming up are the reason wealth & financial freedom continue to be a goal/dream for the future.

So here goes, in your Financial Mindset Journal take a few minutes when you are planning your 2018 financial goals to jot down your annual income broken down into 12 months and your annual expenses broken down into 12 months. See if there is any wiggle room for a vacation, retirement savings, paying down debt or savings and start putting that money towards the #1 financial goal that you have in 2018. And if there is very little wiggle room, set aside $25.00 per week to put into an account for your #1 financial goal in 2018.

Cheers to an incredible 2018 in your business filled with triumphs & victories. Here’s a resource for January to keep you in the money conversation. Check out our 7-day Financial Mindset Reset at

Katherine Dean, Personal Finance Expert & Mentor
Living Your Worth, Inc.
Creator of popular programs like Wealth-To-Freedom Formula & Wealthy Woman Within