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Money no longer needs to be a source of worry & anxiety
by Katherine Dean, CFP®, The Financial Empowerment Woman

A week into 2018… Is one of your resolutions to stick to a budget in 2018? Is it to stick to a tight budget to pay off debt or save for a family vacation. I’m here to tell you that so often a few weeks into the new year, our resolutions usually disappear as fast as they enter into our thoughts on December 31st. I’ve seen this a lot with the clients that I work with & mainly it is because too often spouses aren’t on the same page financially. Usually, one partner in the relationship focuses on a budget or having an easier financial life but they don’t take the time to communicate it with their partner/spouse. We all know that money can cause a multitude of issues in a relationship. And, too often it can lead to divorce so why do we spend little to no time actually discussing money in our relationships? A healthy relationship with Money & Finances are a key contributor to our financial success & can make or break our financial future. Read the full interview…