She’s known as the “Financial Empowerment” woman because her experience in the financial industry has helped hundreds of business owners, individuals, couples and women create their path to Wealth. She’s the founder of Living Your Worth, Inc. and the Wealth-To-Freedom Formula program. She has spent 19 years guiding people on their financial freedom path. She has her own on target retirement plan and even receives passive income from investment real estate & investments. You’ll use your vision for the future along with where you are right now to be empowered in your career, finances and gain the financial confidence you dream about.

Show Highlights

1. How to connect to your true worth…hear what Katherine does to get real with herself.
2. Fear just needs to be acknowledged, not resisted. She shows us how to create fun out of fear on this episode.
3. Listen in as we share stories and ah-has and look under the hood of entrepreneurship.

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