Shine On, Sista! Episode 034: Unleash Your Inner Wealth Creator with Financial Freedom Expert Katherine Dean

Katherine Dean is known as the “Financial Empowerment” woman because her experience in the financial industry has helped hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, couples and women create their path to Wealth. Her approach to Wealth is not just about money, it is about money mindset, family legacy & what matters most to her clients. She’s the founder of Living Your Worth, Inc. and popular programs like Wealthy Woman Within &  Wealth-To-Freedom Formula program.

  • Learn about Katherine Dean’s story
  • How do you shift your mindset to be able to both accept the wealth coming in and being align to one’s true purpose
  • Following your soul and what is best for you
  • Reason why people are stuck with their finances
  • Financial mindset
  • The negative thoughts about money
  • Thoughts on credits and credit cards
  • Wealth is being heart-centered and building a legacy
  • Think where you’re going
  • Passive income is the bomb
  • Affirmations and getting aligned