Creating YOUR Wealthy Dream Life

May seem like the easiest of processes. Like you wake up in the morning and there it is, your wealthy dream life is in front of you. But the honest truth is that it took years of not fitting in, inauthenticity, conforming to the “norm” & internal struggles to get to the point that I created my Wealthy Dream Life. 

Like so many women I pushed until I suffered from migraines, pushed through the hard stuff, pushed to continually do things I didn’t enjoy, pushed into doing things I didn’t like doing, didn’t revel in the joy and continually chased a carrot that was unfulfilling & distracted me from doing the work. Putting everyone else first, didn’t seek joy for myself and put my hopes, dreams and life’s purpose on hold as I gave everyone else my energy & the best of me. Deep down inside I was completely miserable.

Deep down inside I knew that I had a greater purpose. Intuitively I knew that the path I was on was not bringing me joy, fulfillment & overall I wasn’t sharing my gifts, talents and ultimately myself with the world. The life I was living was inauthentic and superficial. My drive in life was to “prove” to others and myself that no matter what I put my mind to (regardless if it was something I really wanted) I was going to achieve it! It became a life of check the boxes. You know, the life that you have a constant checklist of “SHOULDS” and not “WANT TOS”…So far from the life I have come to know today. 

That “check the box” life didn’t shift (awaken) after my father”s death, a divorce or working for a hateful suppressive boss. That moment came one day in October 2015 when I gave myself the permission to just be. Be at an event that I had no expectations nor idea of why I was there. I sat in the audience watching 1 person after another excited & charged up about their life’s work. These people knew their purpose, their passion and were holding themselves back because of confidence, lack of direction, not knowing if their passion would be excepted and overall FEAR & the idea that they could FAIL at living their life’s purpose. What hit me like a ton of bricks that day was I was playing a very SMALL game. I was always checking the box on life’s moments where I knew I couldn’t FAIL! Checking the box doing the things in life that were SAFE. Needless to say, I spent the next 3 days crying knowing that I wasn’t fulfilling upon my life’s purpose. Knowing that I had spent the majority of my adult life and career playing it safe on the sidelines of my true life’s purpose. Truly knowing that FEAR & FAILURE were also what was holding me back. The idea of failing equaled DEATH to me! 

That was the day that the little flame 🔥 inside of me was IGNITED. That distinct moment in time was when I “ignited the Wealthy Woman Within.” This moment turned into years of reading, investigating, discovering how to have FLOW in my life. True flow and alignment in my life’s mission, purpose, drive (whatever you call it for yourself) to empower women to achieve Flow, Alignment, Independence, Confidence, Achieve their Highest Self-Worth, Financial Abundance, Income Level & Igniting the Wealthy Woman Within. 

Ladies, we spend so much of our lives observing on the sidelines & not living our life’s full potential! Life is meant to be lived on the skinny branches! Out of our comfort zones, aligned with our heart & souls. 

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, may you create your Wealthy Dream Life and find your FLOW & IGNITE the Wealthy Woman Within.