Meet Katherine

Katherine Dean, MBA, Mompreneur & Dog Lover is known as the “Empowerment Woman.” With over 20 years working with individuals, couples, business owners & entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. She founded Living Your Worth, Inc., and guides clients to discover their Authentic Power Archetype & Negotiate for Success, Step into their Worth, Achieve Peace of Mind, Security, Own Their Worth & Ignite their Wealthy Dream Life! Her belief is that anyone, with the right tools can build their incredible futures, love their career & be Authentically Powerful to Create the life of their DREAMS. Katherine is a Mentor, Dream Ignitor, National Speaker & Creator of The Wealth-To-Freedom Formula Program, The Wealthy Woman Within & The Wealthy Woman Within Club. She sits on the board of Girls, Inc. Long Island & volunteers as a Girl Scout Leader.

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Where it all began

The Well-Th Project started as a community project to empower individuals with their finances. As Katherine worked with individuals she realized that many individuals are not only are looking for empowerment with their finances, people really are looking to achieve much more than how their goal relate to money. People want to contribute in a much bigger way to society, their families and their communities. Their worth is much more than just a financial goal, it was an overall goal of contribution and love. As she continued to work with each person, they each had a WHY that was different and unique to themselves so she started The Wealth-To-Freedom Formula, The Wealthy Woman and The Wealthy couple to help woman and couples find their WHY and how to use that to achieve their own freedom to live a more fulfilled life.


To bring forth an individual’s self-worth, empowerment, paths to success and overcoming their fears and shame to live a life full of Love, Contribution, Freedom and Power. Our community can live the life of their dreams, a daring life with bold requests, while having the support for real achievable personal goals that will be a space for freedom they never thought was possible. Our services are the catalyst to achieve personal success including; financial, health and career freedom, family greatness and a love for their lives. Each client will find their own freedom path and recognize their life’s potential with their family, career, communities and social circles and will live a life of Health, Beauty, Wealth, Vitality, Freedom, Love and Connection.



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