Being The Wealthy Woman Within

 is not about luck, who you know or what you’ve done in the past…


Ignite the Wealthy Woman Woman by following a proven system to Be Bold, Powerful, Authentically YOU!

Ignite Your Dream, Step Into Your Worth & 

Create Your Wealthy Dream life that will

  • Boost your confidence & step into your power . YOU ARE WORTH IT!
  • Discover how you to ignite & achieve those awesome dream goals
  • Stand in your Authentic Power
  • Learn the 5 simple steps that anyone can follow to negotiate for success & earn the income you deserve
  • Kickstart your goals, increase your income & kick limiting money beliefs to the curb (even if you’ve tried before)

Meet Your Host Katherine Dean

Katherine Dean, MBA, Mompreneur & Dog Lover is known as the “Empowerment Woman.” With over 20 years working with individuals, couples, business owners & entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. She founded Living Your Worth, Inc., and guides clients to discover their Authentic Power Archetype & Transform their Relationship with Money, Step into their Worth, Achieve Peace of Mind, Security, Own Their Worth & Ignite their Wealthy Dream Life! Her belief is that anyone, with the right tools can build their incredible futures, love their career & be Authentically Powerful to Create the life of their DREAMS. Katherine is a Mentor, Dream Ignitor, National Speaker & Creator of The Wealth-To-Freedom Formula Program, The Wealthy Woman Within & The Wealthy Woman Within Club. She sits on the board of Girls, Inc. Long Island & volunteers as a Girl Scout Leader.

Wealthy Woman Within Success Stories
“Katherine taught me how to finally be on the same page with my husband to achieve OUR goals. After years of having totally different beliefs with money, our future and coming from very different backgrounds, we have achieved our dream of moving to California and started a new business”
Jenya, Vegan Chef

“Before attending Katherine’s Wealthy Woman Within Workshop I was scared to negotiate for myself. Her non-judgmental approach really started my path to owning my worth & finally speaking up for myself.
Within a month after working with Katherine,
I got my dream job increasing my income by 20%”
Jessica Schmitt, Executive Director, Literacy Services of Indian River County

“As a nurse I take care of people all the time, I had to put my life on the back burner. Katherine taught me how to take charge of all areas of my life, own my worth & career (increased my income) while getting saying good-bye to debt & kickstart my goals for the future. She makes it really easy and safe to ignite my goals”
Emmy, Registered Nurse

“My knowledge of the constant money conversation that I had in my head and my self-worth became very clear when I went through the Wealthy Woman Within program. Then I worked with Katherine in her Private Coaching. I am now on track for an easy retirement traveling the world with an increase in income of 25%. I didn’t even think was possible to earn a great income, have easy money conversation & to step into my worth. I’m playing a big game, with bid results & became The Wealthy Woman Within”
Mary Jackson, Teacher, Coach & Volunteer, Investor


✔️Ignite Your Wealthy Dream Life

✔️Catapult Your Career & Salary

✔️Rebuild Your Belief in Abundance

✔️Step Into Your Power

✔️Manage Your Life (without stress)

✔️Develop Goal Achieving Habits

✔️Be the Brilliant, Bold, Beautiful, Authentic YOU!

✔️Create Peace of Mind & Own Your Worth



The key to breakthroughs is first discover what is holding you back.

You’ll remove any fears or doubts with OWN YOUR WORTH.
Break free of any limiting beliefs that compromise or slow down your path to your success.

Claim a new abundant mindset so you can have power & confidence to be in charge of your life.
Reveal your true authentic power archetype and cultivating a new, abundant mindset.

VALUE – $1000




How often do we show up the way others expect us to? We show up not truly being who we are. We confirm to others around us or maybe are afraid to speak up, authentically be who we are. Remember that little girl who had dreams, hopes and ideas for her life. We are going to reconnect with her and have fun with who we authentically are again. Stand in your Super Hero pose & kick that comparison to the side. It’s slowly you down from achieving your goals. Don’t look back because we aren’t going that way!
VALUE – $1000

We all wonder what the other side of the table is thinking. And this isn’t just in business. This shows up in every are of our lives. We negotiate for income, we negotiate with our friends, spouses, children etc. You will learn the powerful tools to stand in your power, negotiate for success all while being authentically you. You will learn how to prepare to ask for a raise, increase your pricing if you own a business & truly being comfortable talking about money. Transform your Relationship with Money!
VALUE – $1000

Now it’s time to build that vision for your future and it begins now. What are Your goals, not those that maybe you are living for other people but what are your REAL goals. You’ll receive the Wealthy Woman Within Vision Template.
This is where you truly Get REALZ with vision.
The proven system to have your vision become reality.
You will discover why your daily choices impact your long term goals and what you can do daily to get closer to those goals….AND learn the daily exercise to get you there.
What impact do you want to make? Is it with those close to you, maybe a community, maybe in the world?
AND…the really exciting part is that you will finish with a vast knowledge of how you can!
VALUE – $1500

And for the BIG FINALE…the #1 way to achieve YOU WEALTHY DREAM LIFE is to make your plan ACTIONABLE & ACHIEVABLE…
You’ll bring together all that you have discovered. How do you stay on track…tools to keep you on track… how do the stand-in your POWER while continuing to OWN Your Worth…
Put into action different pathways to expand your income, have really easy conversation about negotiating, money all while being authentically YOU!
VALUE – $1000
“It is time to finally feel freedom & peace of mind. No more putting it off for another day, or keeping your dreams on hold. Step into your powerful future. The time is now to step into your worth!” ~Katherine Dean

How do I know if this is for me?
We want you to step into your Brilliant, Bold, Beautiful Authentic self. Hiding from your dreams, holding yourself back and living an inauthentic life is hard enough! If you know that there are dreams you have but are afraid to talk about them, sometimes self-sabotage can be our worst enemies or the opinions of others. We are afraid to have conversations about money, earn less income than we deserve and this 5-week program is to Discover & Ignite that Wealthy Woman Within. That woman you know to be Worth It, Achieving BIG DREAMS, Stands in her POWER & Unapologetically YOU!

Will I have to speak about money, career & how I feel?
No, there is no obligation for you to speak openly about income, self-doubt or why you are part of the program. This is a very safe place and our thoughts and beliefs become a big source of energy in your life, family & career. Others will ask questions & share information that you will relate to in your own life. And… the best part is you get access to all recordings & Q&A.
What will I get from The Wealthy Woman Within Live Program?

You will be with incredible women that are taking charge of their lives, self-worth & want alignment in their lives just like you. You will learn practical, easy-to-follow tips for having a better relationship with money while learning to negotiate for what is important in your life that lack of self-worth can so often bring into our lives. You will be creating a vision for your future, a plan for your true independence …all while learning being empowered from someone who has been there… divorced, living someone else’s dreams, getting grossly underpaid for her talents, undervalued her self-worth for years & is now is empowering incredible women around the world to own their incredible gifts, talents, worth & to achieve their financial goals & power up PASSIVE INCOME.

Why is the program only for women?
We find it exciting and necessary to make a safe place for the money conversation & have found that women are incredible at lifting each other and being able to speak openly when it is just other women surrounding them. Women do relate to money very differently then men, so I feel it is important that we provide a safe place for women to be open & comfortable with to the money & worth conversation. Still today, women are making .50c to .80c to every dollar that a man makes. As women, we also make $500,000 – $800,000 less over our lifetime which means we need to be serious about putting money to work for us! We live longer, make less & will need more money saved to retire. Wealthy Woman Within Program will cover all of these topics & give you the tools to enhance your financial life while being aligned with your values & future & have a
KICK ASS Future.

When I complete the program, how will I feel?
When you complete the program you will be & feel empowered, confident & have your kick butt plan to achieve YOUR goals. Katherine will bring you on a journey to shift your feelings around money, abundance & self-worth all while having a lighter feeling with money & plan of action to achieve your goals. We at Living Your Worth, Inc. truly believe that your goals are WORTH IT! You will have practical tips & tools to be able to have better money conversations, increase your income, have your goals & dreams in action & others tools to own YOUR worth & expertise while achieving your vision & goals because YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!

BONUS…2 complimentary tickets to the LIVE
IGNITE The Wealthy Woman Within
Value – $497
Total Course & Bonus Value
AWESOME, We go LIVE October 29th
(Don’t worry you also get all recordings with Q&A too)
$397 or 4-Payments of $125.00

We are keeping this group limited to 15 INCREDIBLE women!

Yes, I am Worth It!

*Please note: All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The truth is that no program you do will work if you aren’t ready to dive in and put your knowledge into action. This isn’t magic and there isn’t a way Katherine can do this for you. If you don’t put the time in and go through the modules and set time to get into action and give it a try I can’t promise results. But… If you are willing to dive right in, get your feet wet, ask questions and participate, you will become a Wealth Creator.
As my clients already know that if you are willing
to put in the effort, I’m all in with you.
More details heading to your inbox upon registration