I immediately increased my income and started living the life I wanted to live.  As a nurse I take care of people all the time.  I had put my own goals on the back burner.  Katherine taught me how to take charge of my life, transform my relationship with money and acheieve my goals. 

Emmy T

Registered Nurse

I have worked with Katherine’s 1-on-1 coaching and realized that my belief with money was actually limiting my bank account and retirement goals. Once I put into action the plan I wanted for my future I am on track for a fun retirement full of travel and I have peace of mind with my finances.

Mary J


Holy crap, The Wealthy Woman Within transformed my life….Showing up Bigger & Bolder in my business, a plan to pay off my debt all while increasing my income!  I created the life I wanted to live!


I now have a plan for my future….Increased my income by 20%, created my future & got my dream job as Executive


My husband and I are finally on the same page with our goals & dreams….It was wonderful, my husband and I were never on the same page. We has a dream to leave NY and travel to California and to find where we wanted to live. Hiking, being in nature and living a more freeing life became important to us. And we have that now and are living our journey on the West Coast.




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