Join us for the this incredible 1-day Retreat

Worth, Wealth, Power & Confidence

A full day to focus on your future while removing money blocks, create achievable financial goals, be re-inspired by money, your career while planning to kick debt to the curb & learn the tools to build an incredible future you are excited about.
(and of course, a little vision boarding & self-discovery)

✔️ Boost your confidence with money, self-worth & wealth building

✔️ Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of wealth & lifestyle you want to build

✔️ Uncover “Found Money” you may not believe you have right now (But Do!)

✔️ Discover how to Ignite the Wealth Creator inside of you

✔️Learn the 5 Stepping Stones of building a Wealthy Woman Within Roadmap
that anyone can follow to build real, long-lasting wealth,
regardless of your starting place


We keep the Retreat Intimate & Space is Limited

Why “The Wealthy Woman Within”?
This 1-day Intensive is designed to
Kickstart to your path to Wealth while Owning Your Worth & Igniting your Dreams for your incredible future!

Wealth Creation is a proven system to Eliminate Debt, Fuel Your Dream Accounts &
Create Recurring Passive Income that will

The Retreat is specifically designed for:

  • ​Women Business Owners, Professionals & Entrepreneurs
  • ​Women wanting it ALL: career, family, wealth & confidence
  • Women who are curious to be bold, courageous, powerful, fearless & empowered
  • Women who are heart & soul-centered & excited to step into their Worth
  • ​Women who want to be part of an incredible supportive & safe community

Just ask anyone who has attended our events!

“My knowledge of money as a tool for my financial freedom & my self-worth became very clear when I went through the Wealth Woman Within program and worked with Katherine in her Private Coaching. I am now on track for an easy retirement traveling the world with a retirement fund I didn’t even think was possible. I got a new job almost doubling my income. She even helped me get back the pension I thought I’d lost 16 years ago”

Mary, Teacher, Coach & Volunteer

“Before working with Katherine, I was scared to have money conversations. Her non-judgmental approach to money really started my path to financial independence. I finally have a plan to pay off my debt & have an awesome financial future. Within a month after working with Katherine, I got my dream job increasing my income by 20%.”

Jessica, Executive Director, Literacy Services of Indian River County


Thank you Katherine! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to meet with me today. I felt super comfortable being able to open up.  Your openness and the things we have in common made it easy.
I am grateful for the information and clarity you provided, especially following the retreat. I will continue to take steps to be financially free. 
Thank you again.. big *hugs* I appreciate having you in my circle. 👍🤗💕 Lisa, Program Center Manager, Long Island Cares 


Q: How do I know if this retreat is for me?
The retreat is for all women that know there is a little something missing in their financial lives & emotions around money that keep them from having it all! Negotiating for success, financial conversations with loved ones, undercharging for their services as a business owner or entrepreneur, asking for an increase in salary & just SUPER EXCITED about having a positive shift in their financial lives while stepping into their worth.

Q: Will I have to speak about money & participate?
No, there is no obligation for you to speak openly about money, your finances or income. This is a very safe place to learn more about how money is a big source of energy in your life, family & career. Others will ask questions & share information that you will relate to in your own life.

Q: What will I get out of attending the Retreat?
You will be with incredible women that are taking charge of their financial lived just like you. You will learn practical tips for having a better relationship with money while reducing the stress that money can so often bring into our lives. You will be creating a financial vision for your future while learning from someone who has been empowering women with money every day for the past 20+ years. Katherine encourages women to own their gifts & talents and to share them with the world.

Q: Why is the Retreat only for women?
We find it exciting and necessary to make a safe place for the money conversation & have found that women are incredible at lifting each other and being able to speak openly when surrounded by other like-minded women. Women do relate to money very differently then men so we feel it is important that we provide a sage place for women to be open & comfortable with the money conversation. Still today, women are making .50c to .80c to every dollar that a man makes. As women, we are make $500,000 – $2,000,000 less over our lifetimes which means we need to be serious about putting away money & having money working for us! We live longer, make less & need more money to retire so we will discuss all of this in The Wealthy Woman Within Retreat.

Q: When I leave the Retreat how will I feel?
When you leave the retreat you will be empowered & confident. Katherine will bring you on a journey to shift your feeling with money & leave the retreat having a lighter feeling with money & a plan of action. We truly believe that money is a tool for your freedom & not an object that defines you. Financial Freedom is not about having millions of dollars. Although, Katherine will enlighten you how YOUR money can be making money for you. You will have practical tips & tools to be able to have better money conversations, increase your income, have your money making money for you & other tools to own YOUR Worth, value your expertise because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

The POWER of Women!

The fact is that 60% of all Wealth in the United States
is held by women!*

Women are the primary or only breadwinners in 40% of U.S. households with kids under 18!*
The fact is that 40% of all private business in the United States are Owned by women!*

*Forbes magazine

  • 1-Day Retreat
    March 23rd
  • 9am – 1pm
  • Step Into Your Worth & OWN IT
  • Activate Your Plan
  • Kick Debt to the Curb
  • Take Control of you Finances & Financial Future
  • Eliminate Money as a source of Stress in your life
  • Have long lasting Financial Confidence
  • Peace of Mind
  • Negotiate for Success
  • Ignite THE WEALTHY WOMAN WITHIN (& have Financial Security)

I’m All In
Jericho, New York

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